We’re celebrating the beginning of the 2013 Open season with the launch of our new website.  Take a chance to familiarize yourself with all the cool new stuff, because this is much more than a pretty face!  There’s an awful lot on here, but some of the biggest features include:

  • Individual profile pages where you can set goals, track your progress and post a little about yourself.
  • A virtual WhiteBoard where you can upload your results (no more need for a phone app!!).
  • A Benchmark tracker that will automatically collect info about WODs that the CrossFit community considers important indicators of your fitness level.

This a huge step forward for CFCM, so make sure you thank Ben Cross for all of his hard work putting this together – it looks great!  We have even more ideas that we’ll be introducing in the near future, but we were anxious to share this with all of you Warriors.