Spring Cleaning

15min to Establish:
Hang Clean 1RM
(compare to 01Nov12)

—–   then   —–

10min to Complete:
6×2 at 85% of 1RM
and mobility: Couch Stretch
“your totem animal is not in the pain cave” – the guy’s a nut, but he knows his stretch

—–   then   —–

For Time:
21 Cleans (135/95#)
21 Jumping Pull-ups
15 Cleans (185/135#)
15 Pull ups
9 Cleans (215/155#)
9 Chest-to-Bar Pullpups

  • Cleans in the WOD can be either power or squat, whichever you feel is most appropriate.  However, regardless of type, the weight MUST touch the ground between reps – unlike the hang cleans in your earlier 1RM.