Crazy 8’s

8min. AMRAP:
8 WallBall shots (30/20#)
18 Double-Unders

—–   4min. rest   —–

8min E2MOM:
8 Push Jerks (135/95#)
8 GHD Sit-ups
8 HR Push-ups


  • Due to limited 30# MedBalls and GHD machines, half of group should perform WOD1 and the other half WOD2, then switch.
  • WallBalls are intentionally HEAVY.  Athlete’s are encouraged to “scale-up” from their normal MedBall weight.
  • Scale for Double-Unders = 4:1 of singles or 2:1 (ie – over & back = 1 DU) of lateral jumps over a loaded barbell.
  • E2MOM = Every Two (2) Minutes on the Minute.  ie – once programmed round is completed, rest to completion of 2min, then begin again for a total of 4 “rounds”.
  • Athletes should complete each round of WOD2 with plenty of time remaining.  Attack each round as an all-out sprint and increase your rest time.  The goal is to complete each round in the same amount of time, with no fall-off.