Making Magic Happen

H2H KB Swings (53/35#)
Abmat Situps

—–   3min rest   —–

1 Rope Climb
800m run
1 Rope Climb

—–   3min rest   —–

5min AMRAP:
5 Tire Flips
1 Muscle-Up

  • WOD1 should be done outside in case someone drops the KB while switching hands.  Every time the KB goes up, that counts as one rep.
  • Stagger starts of WOD2 for availability of rope climbs.  Sub for rope climb will be 20 pullups (I know it’s steep, but that should be motivation – CLIMB THE ROPE!!)
  • Tire flips for WOD3 will be done outside on the grass and athletes have to shuttle run inside to complete the Muscle-Up each round.  Sub for the muscle-ups will be the standard 3 Pull-Ups & 3 Dips for each MU.