We are so excited to see so many of our athletes progressing and showing enthusiasm for the sport. We continue to strive for an environment that is safe and conducive to athlete development at all levels. It is your support and cooperation that has upheld this program for over 4 years now.
Thank you!

To ensure widest dissemination among our athletes and not take up your valuable training time, we are posting a few reminders about our gym operations:

First, if you are not a certified coach and a working member of the CFCM Coaching Staff, please do not try to coach anyone at CFCM. By all means if you feel someone is doing something unsafe, contact one of our coaches and they will work with the athlete so that you can continue the WOD. We know there are good intentions involved, but please understand that you are not approved to coach at this gym. All of our coaches are at least Level I certified and have been mentored by senior coaches to ensure our athletes receive the best coaching possible forging the way for our athletes to achieve and exceed their goals without injury. We do encourage supporting other athletes by cheering them on and helping them find that inner power to make it through that last round. All those times someone pushed you and cheered (sometimes cussed you) to theWOD finish…pay it forward.

Second, we need to make an adjustment to the noon class. Our class has grownand we have many getting ready for the competition season. That said, we we want to support every athlete as much as we can in achieving their goals while maintaining safety and positive control over equipment. If there are expected choke points(GHD/ROW) that could impact your time, you may come in early to start the WOD so that your WOD is complete prior to the 1200 class. If for some reason you are unable to complete by 1200, then you must complete your workout on the other side of the gym or out of the way of the normal class. Please note that the class has priority on all equipment between 0645-0745 and 1200-1300. If you want access to equipment in the Conex outside of normal class times, you must have a CFCM Coach present. The Coaches are not authorized to lend their keys to any athlete for property accountability purposes. Please coordinate with staff for use of WOD equipment outside of normal class times. We are more than happy to assist any athlete achieve excellence!