Anything 80’s, Bands, Movies, Shows, How people dressed…..

Warm Up: Richard Simmons Style 3 RDS, Each Exercise will be done for 30 seconds, Run in place with knees up, Supermans, Karaoke2X to the left and 2 X to the right(staying in a 5-10 ft area), Hands Over head lunges, Alternating leg and arm extensions (On your knees and hands)  at about 37 seconds into the video, the guy in green, that’s what we are want.  Lets have some fun with this folks.

WOD 1: Jack-O-Tire Flip: 10 Min AMRAP 

1 Tire Flip (Jump on/in/on/off) then do 10 jumping Jacks equals 1 round

(I) and (B) pair up if needed

-3 Min Rest-

WOD 2: Wicked Paul, 5 RFT, 10 Min Cap

25 Double Unders

20 Toes To Bar

15 Supermans

(I): 100 Single Unders, 20 K2E, 15 SMs
(B): 75 Single Unders, 15 K2E, 10 SMs