If you attended any classes in the past few weeks you recognized
there we are operating at max or in some cases over max capacity for our box
size and amount of equipment available.  The Coaches recognize this and in
an effort to better support our athletes we will be suspending any more
future Elements classes until further notice.

This is temporary but the purpose is allow coaches to continue to focus on developing our current crop of veteran and new athletes on proper form and technique without sacrificing safety and time required to train.  Please pass the word to friends asking
about future Elements classes. Those who are already on the wait list for
elements or have emailed prior to today requesting elements, will be
guaranteed a seat when we begin scheduling again. This was a difficult
decision to make in light of the growing interest. However, it is needed in
order to maintain the high quality of training under strained coaching

Also, I’d like to call upon our veteran athletes to assist our new athletes
when necessary with things like what equipment to get, amount of weight,
lingo & abbreviations, and such. This will allow Coaches to run the class.
So far everyone has been very welcoming and the Coaches appreciate the
hospitality y’all are showing our new CrossFit athletes.  We can’t do it
without all the volunteer support from both Coaches and Athletes alike so
thanks for being patient and helping us to work to make the box a place
everyone feels comfortable.

3-2-1 GO!

The Coaches