Simple Fitness Tips Help You Get Up And Get Moving

Fitness tips should be simple because you don’t get stronger staring at a computer. You need to get up and start exercising. Every hour you spend searching for fitness tips on “How to get fit/lose weight/build muscle,” is an hour that you don’t spend actually getting fit, losing weight, and building muscle.

That is the fitness tips and advice here at Workout Dojo are created to be easy to access and understand. Find what you need on the site fast so you can go out and get fit.

Focus on the fitness tips that matter and then get moving.

Fitness tips should be simple

Fitness does not need to be this complex

If you’re working out your brain harder than your legs or chest, then you’re thinking too much and moving too little. While a complete understanding of nutritional sciences and exercise physiology would be great, for most people that is overkill. Here at the Dojo, we like to live by the 80/20 rule. This principle, which can be applied to all aspects of you life, states that generally 20% of your actions produce 80% of your results. The key takeaway is to focus your efforts on the 20%, that small subset of behaviors that make the biggest impact. In our case, we only need to understand 20% of all fitness knowledge to reap 80% of the reward.

Fitness Tips: Breaking down fitness into the basics.

We present you Workout Dojo’s health & fitness rules. These should be simple enough to easily remember, but also effect enough to help you get results.

  • Fitness tip #1: The purpose of being fit is to live a better and healthier life.
  • Fitness tip #2Variety is the key fitness becoming a sustainable part of your life.
  • Fitness tip #3True fitness is a combination of power, stamina, and body control.
  • Fitness tip #4: A workout routine should contain both strength/resistance training (at least three times a week) and cardiovascular training (at least twice a week).
  • Fitness tip #5: You can get very strong with just three simple movements and their countless variations:
    • Pulling your arms toward you (like a pull up).
    • Pushing your arms away from you (like a push up).
    • Squatting
  • Fitness tip #6: Your workouts need to get progressively harder into to force your muscles to keep growing.
  • Fitness tip #7: Proper form is always more important that weight. A nice burn is good; pain is not.
  • Fitness tip #8: Get a good nights sleep.

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