Body Mastery Fitness Test

The Body Mastery Fitness Test

This fitness test will help you gauge your true level of body control and fitness. It is for advanced athletes looking to push their limits. It is simple to complete and doesn’t require any special equipment.  The best way measure your fitness progress is through regular benchmark testing. Including a periodic fitness assessment into your workout routine, will really help see the results of your hard work.

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See how fit you really are.

As we discuss in our Foundations of Fitness article, true fitness means being well-rounded in several different physical areas. The 9 different events will test your strength, power, speed, stamina, endurance, and body control. Compete these exercises after a full recovery between each event. Our suggested order is below:

The events

  1. Pull Ups: Complete as many consecutive pull ups as you can without swinging or kipping. You may rest hanging from the bar. The test is over once you drop from the bar.
  2. 400 Meter Sprint: Record your time running 400 meters.
  3. Dips: Complete as many consecutive dips as you can.
  4. Air Squats: Do as many consecutive bodyweight squats as you can without any rest between repetitions.
  5. Push Ups: Complete as many consecutive push up as you can. You may rest in the “up” position. Your test is over when you hands leave the ground.
  6. Vertical Jump: Record your jump in inches.
  7. L-Sit: Hold the L-Sit for as long as you can and record your time.
  8. 5 Kilometer Run: Record your time running 3.1 miles.
  9. The Cindy Workout: This classic Crossfit workout is a great test of your overall fitness by itself. In 20 minutes, complete as many rounds as possible of: 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 15 air squats. Count only fully completed rounds.

Fitness Assessment

Below you’ll find a scoring chart so you can asses your results on each event. The test is extremely difficult. In the chart, don’t be fooled by the term “beginner”. This means beginner athlete, someone who already has a well-rounded base of fitness.

Male Fitness Standards

Fitness Test Standards for Males

Female Fitness Standards

Fitness Test Standards for Females

Go on and give it a shot!