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  • Laura's Lunchtime Workout April 24, 2012

    This is a quick full body workout that doesn’t require any equipment to complete. It’s short, sweet, and intense, the perfect combination for a speedy lunch time workout.

    Before you begin, mark off two spots 25 meters away from each other. You will be traveling back and forth between these two spots while performing a set of exercises at each stop.

    The Workout

    For time:

    • Lunge 25 meters
    • 25 push ups
    • 25 flutter kicks (4-count)
    • Broad jump 25 meters back to original spot
    • 25 diamond push ups
    • 25 leg levers
    • Lunge 25 meters
    • 25 wide arm push ups
    • 25 supine bicycles
    • Broad jump 25 meters
    • 25 push ups
    • 25 Russian twists (2-count)

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